As much as 70% of the adult population regularly uses social media. This fact is difficult to ignore not only for large companies but also for small brands. People are actively using social networks, which gives the company a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and increase sales. However, just being on social media isn’t […]

Quite often in recent years, companies have started to use short-term promotional campaigns, e.g. for holidays. They use all kinds of PR tricks such as sales, store liquidation stories, discounts, and more to grab the attention of potential customers. The peculiarity of such tricks is their short duration, therefore, in a fairly short time, companies […]

Instagram is an application that reaches more and more users every day. It stands out from other social networks with its innovation and the possibility of creative self-expression. Instagram has become not only a platform for communication and information exchange, but also an advertising resource. Due to the way ads are placed on Instagram, they […]

Brands and companies often see their Instagram followers as customers. With the help of the website, you can also attract customers and increase your income. This short article describes ways to acquire customers. Plan and strategy. First of all, when you want to get customers from Instagram, think carefully about your strategy. Before creating a […]

Social networks are a good tool for promoting your business. Unfortunately, not everything goes smoothly when working with them. Often there are angry reviews in the comments that literally destroy the business. This is a difficult situation for any business owner or director. The first instinctive reaction is to “smear on the wall” that bad […]