How to respond to negative comments on social media

Social networks are a good tool for promoting your business. Unfortunately, not everything goes smoothly when working with them. Often there are angry reviews in the comments that literally destroy the business. This is a difficult situation for any business owner or director.

The first instinctive reaction is to “smear on the wall” that bad person by saying everything you think about them. However, such a reaction will not help you. In fact, it will only worsen the situation. As difficult as it can be, being objective and always being polite is the only way out of this situation. Here are four ways to respond to negative comments on social media:

Respond quickly, professionally and with genuine interest

This is not your personal profile on VKontakte, Facebook or Instagram. One of the worst things you can do is ignore negative comments completely! But you don’t always have to admit your mistake when replying. If someone has complained about poor customer service, say something like, “Thanks for your comment. We will find out what caused the encountered problem. This is not the way we do our business or what we stand for. ” Use simple words and be sure to answer honestly.

Contact the author of the comment in a private message

Remember, don’t ignore what happened on your wall. After giving general public responses, contact the commentator. Reassure him that you are approaching him privately to offer help. Don’t keep yourself waiting long! Listen to him fully and reflect on his words.

You should sincerely apologize and offer a unique, worthwhile solution

An apology is probably the most important thing to do when responding to negative social media comments that are well deserved. Ask your client what you can do for him. If it’s something within reason, don’t be afraid to do it. Once the problem is resolved, contact him again a few days later and make sure that the customer is still satisfied with the result and that you have done everything possible to keep him as a customer in the future. If the customer’s request is unusual or goes beyond what you think is right, be patient and understanding, and offer an alternative. Be sure to keep a cool head and approach the situation gracefully.

Ask the buyer to delete the original negative post and write a new positive one

If, in the previous steps, you have successfully fixed the error and the customer feels comfortable, ask them to completely remove the original comment. However, do not remove it yourself. Removing a negative comment can be just as damaging to your reputation as ignoring a complaint. Within a few days, ask if the client would like to write a new comment. This may be a message from his perspective describing that he had problems and how it was resolved. Such a comment will show other customers that you really care about your reputation. Responding to negative comments on social media can be stressful. However, when working with the client to find a solution, do not lose your composure and patience. By being considerate and willing to help, you have a better chance of turning a dissatisfied customer into an even bigger fan of your business.