Salonik Magda M is a unique, small heaven founded by … Magda M! This unique beauty and cosmetology salon has been operating in Namysłów for over a dozen years and it does not look like it will change.

Cooperation with Salonik was an interesting project, full of challenges. The main one was strong brand awareness on the local market. In the case of smaller towns, the marketing that we conduct for our clients is based on strong local activities and advertisements, focusing on building reach and engagement of recipients (it is also the cheapest form of awareness-raising activities).

Due to the fact that this first stage of marketing was carried out wonderfully earlier by the owner of the showroom, we decided to build a brand through content! After all, content is the king. 😉 The publications we prepared were supposed to be clear and legible for the user, but at the same time had to provide something more than just advertising the (very rich) salon offer.

We engaged users through CTA, voting through emoticons, contests using chatbots.

Duration: 1.02.2021 – 30.06.2022

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