Time Machine has been created for fans of family sports, Sunday entertainment or places where you can sit with your friends with bubbles and play a round of golf! This is Poland’s first full-size indoor golf in Blacklight 3D technology. Inside you will find 18 holes, each from a different historical era, and the whole thing is a unique atmosphere of a combination of street art, neon and fantasy.

When we decided to work remotely with a typical entertainment venue, we knew it would be quite a challenge. The limited amount of materials (photos or videos) gave us a dose of creativity, thanks to which we created posts that were incredibly engaging for users. Games, rebuses, voting, games or competitions – from color to choice!

Thanks to engaging content, the place quickly gained popularity, which was a great success right after the first wave of the pandemic and a long closure.

Duration: 1.05.2021 – 1.04.2022

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