Tips for running short-term social media promotions

Quite often in recent years, companies have started to use short-term promotional campaigns, e.g. for holidays. They use all kinds of PR tricks such as sales, store liquidation stories, discounts, and more to grab the attention of potential customers. The peculiarity of such tricks is their short duration, therefore, in a fairly short time, companies must make every effort to maximize the potential of such an advertising campaign.

During this time, it is important to constantly monitor the results and provide updated information about the promotion itself. This type of advertising campaign, despite tight deadlines, has a fairly effective effect. It is true that overuse of short-term advertising methods can lead to consumer distrust and loss, so it should be done qualitatively and appropriately and, above all, in a moderate manner.

Social media

Popular communication channels that almost every modern organization uses in its promotion are social networks. Their growth over the past few years has been striking. But producers don’t miss an opportunity to use this rapid development for their own purposes.

The first thing social networks are great for is targeted advertising, especially the settings of which include the ease and speed of distributing the advertising message. Such advertising works by searching for recipients interested in a given product based on their inquiries on the Internet. In addition, the brand itself can set its search filters for potential customers to fully manage its advertising campaign.

As for the visual presentation of information, it must be very competently constructed. It is important to choose colors appropriate to the specificity of the brand, which at the same time will not be scared by their brightness or, on the contrary, will not attract enough attention. The specificity of advertising in social networks should be taken into account, namely the small size of the advertisement, which can easily get lost in the tones of colors if we choose them wrongly. Therefore, companies most often focus on the features of the product and do not try to provide potential consumers with full information about the product in one advertising message, because without an appropriate graphic form it is impossible.

It is worth noting that an image with an advertising association should contain information in numbers, since experts have proven that information in human memory remains numerically longer. Therefore, companies boldly write about discounts and prices on goods.

The text of the ad also requires special attention when developing short-term promotion in social networks. After all, after a tempting image, no less meaningful content is needed. It should catch the customer’s attention from the very first seconds of reading. The key information that the brand wants to convey is included in the first few words, and at the very end there should be a call to action, e.g. go to the website, leave an inquiry or buy now.

After launching an advertising campaign on social networks, inexperienced brands, referring to test ads, edit them and continue the promotion. However, experts recommend that you closely monitor the first results after launch, and if the information message fails or does not bring the expected result, you should turn off the promotion and develop a more effective advertising from the beginning with a different concept.