Ways to get customers on Instagram for free

Brands and companies often see their Instagram followers as customers. With the help of the website, you can also attract customers and increase your income. This short article describes ways to acquire customers.

Plan and strategy.

First of all, when you want to get customers from Instagram, think carefully about your strategy. Before creating a page, it’s important to consider what the page is designed for and what content it will contain. It is important to come up with the main topic and goals. A plan to publish content several months in advance will make the task easier.

Research a few competitors.

In order to get customers from Instagram, it’s worth researching a few competitor accounts. See what they write on the chosen topic and how they present the information. See also:

  • how many subscribers they have
  • what content is popular in the chosen niche
  • what frequency of new posts is preferred by the competition
  • how competitors interact with audiences

A valid account name.

The profile makes a good first impression. The account name should contain keywords in the selected topic. Keep your avatar photo simple, revealing, and eye-catching. It is worth choosing short words and a few emoticons for description.

Post regularly.

Posts should be published regularly at the same time. This could be, for example, one post a day. In this way, subscriber activity is maintained, and new subscribers know when to expect more news and updates and are eagerly waiting for them.

Use eye-catching photos.

The photos we use should be of excellent quality and the photos should be consistent with the text from the post. The quality of the posts will perfectly set the account apart from all other brands.

Użyj hashtagu

W jednym poście możesz użyć do 30 hashtagów. Z ich pomocą przyszli subskrybenci dowiedzą się o koncie. Aby metoda zadziałała, ważne jest, aby używać niepopularnych hashtagów. Aby nie kolidowało to z postem, możesz je wyróżnić w osobnym komentarzu pod postem. Aby zrozumieć, których hashtagów użyć, możesz spojrzeć na konta konkurentów.


Add geolocation.

If your account topic is travel, select the location where the photo was taken. In other cases, it also does not hurt to mark the geolocation.

Add text.

An eye-catching photo is not enough to be successful on Instagram. Texts are needed to convey information through them. The maximum number of characters, including spaces and emoticons, is 2,200, and it is important to use them fully. It is also worth breaking the text into several parts, which will increase readability. Particular attention should be paid to the first lines as users see them first.


To get a large audience, you need activity. Subscriber activity should grow or be stable. For this purpose, you can also comment on competitors ‘or your followers’ entries. Participation in contests and other events will certainly also help in promotion.

The most important thing is regularity.

Posts, stories, live broadcasts should be broadcast regularly. Instagram needs active users. Social networks and their algorithms as well as users promote posts that gain many likes, comments, subscriptions and reposts, and these are much easier to get by regularly publishing them.